Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Couple of Seasonal Poems

I'm pinch-posting for Nikki today. Since we're so close to Halloween, I thought I'd post a couple of darker poems from my "angst-y" years. Enjoy!


The mask would hide his face
from everyone who'd dare to look.
His mind is pained and twisted,
but his brilliance shined beyond.
He fell in love with innocence;
an error most men make.
The love he felt destroyed him,
and caused his heart to break.
Throughout his life they tortured him;
people, selfish and cold.
They failed to find his beauty,
and till the end, he was never told,
"I love you."
'Twas his innocent who said
those precious, simple words.
He fought so hard to keep her,
but he had to let her go
in the end.
For all he tried to do for her
he simply could not give
everything she'd need from him,
and he sacrificed his happiness
in hopes that she could live.
He died loving her.

August 23, 1992


She never turned her heart from him.
'Twas a pity he destroyed her.
She couldn't forsake his love, she said.
He used that love against her.
She never was too strong,
but the fact that he could hurt her,
made my blood turn cold to him.
I could not forgive the pain.
He didn't need her the way
she always needed him.
He used her to satisfy
his needs, and his alone.
Never could he love her
the way she deserved to be loved.
He didn't even know how, I wager,
to say a kind word at all.
For this, I cannot love him
in any way you may.
He is not my salvation;
he is pain, and pain alone.

August 23, 1992


  1. Erik has so much more personality in the book version of phantom than in the musical. I love the poem about him! :)

  2. Awesome poems, Cheri! Thanks for stepping in for me today!!

  3. Erin--I'm so glad someone got who I meant. :) Nikki--No problem, and thanks!



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