Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Break and Other Non-Writing Fun

Maybe if I were still a night owl, maybe if I were an earlier bird
I'd maintain my writing schedule during the week my children are not in school (known in these parts as 'Fall Break')
But I'm fresh out of bird qualities
So I've resorted to having as much fun as I can
with the resident masters of fun.
(known in these parts as my children.)
So far our days have been filled with, but not limited to,
a trip to the library and Wii Just Dance (with the 5 yr old)
Baking cookies, and checking out
the latest performances of Vocal Point (with the older than 5 yr olds)
Oh, and some time outside. We can do that now that temps have dropped to 90! And that might be the best part of fall break. . .
How's your week?


  1. No fall break for us. But this year my kids' spring break falls on a different week than the school that I work at. I will miss letting them be the tour guides of my week, but part of me is looking forward to a week of catching up on writing and cleaning and me time. Course I have to wait until March!



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