Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Lesson in Voice

I am a fan of great music. I especially love acapella music, that wonderful blend of voices that create an entire symphony at times. NBC has a show called "The Sing Off", and one of songs they had to sing last week was a current hit. One group, Afro-Blue, is the acapella jazz ensemble at Howard University. They usually never do pop or current songs, so this forced them out of their comfort zone. But as part of their desire to stay true to their voice, or their sound, they created something amazing. Listen as they "jazz" up "American Boy" by Estelle:

They took a song and made it their own, using their own "words" if you will, to share the story. No one can deliver a story like you can. Don't try to be anyone else. Use your words and your viewpoint. Even if the "plot" is tired and familiar, the way you deliver it is your voice. As long as your story "sounds" like you, your voice is there.

Don't get discouraged if not everyone likes it. That is subjective territory, and you can't make everyone love you all of the time. So BE YOU! Be true to your own voice and in the end you will make beautiful music on the page.


  1. Love that song! Thanks for sharing it! You are so right about not being afraid to make our stories our own. Don't try to sound like Shakespeare, or Tolkien, or even Stephenie Meyers. Be you. That is the scary part of course because if we are ourselves, then rejection feels more personal. But if you stay true to who you are, you will grow in ways only the Lord knows you need.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! And you're right, it's just about us not getting in our own way. If we keeps things honest and natural, our voice will come through.

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  3. I loved that song too and you are so very right. Sometimes we just get caught up listening to the wrong voices instead of our own inner true voice. Thanks for posting today.



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