Monday, October 31, 2011

Not My Holiday

I am not a big Halloween person. My husband loves Halloween like I love Christmas. But I do enjoy the fall, and something about the cool weather always makes me crafty. (But only once a year. That's all I got in me.) So then my craftiness (the good kind) tends toward pumpkins and things...

(The sad cake pops are the ones that turned out lumpy.)

And dressing up is fun, too.

However I hate, oh I really do hate, all the gory Halloween decorations. Maybe it's because my son gets scared so easily, and I hate to see him scared. But I really have this antipathy toward a holiday that has to be so...yucky. And so I will play along tonight, and wait patiently for midnight to strike when the TRUE holidays begin.

So do you LOVE Halloween or do you HATE it? Or do you just go in for the candy that you can hide from your children and eat all year long? And does anybody really want to know how many hours and curses on melty candies went into those cake pops?


  1. I love Halloween (I don't like the gory stuff either--blech. I like the cute stuff). I went trick or treating with my younger kids tonight, and I love the experience of being out on a beautiful fall night, with houses decorated, smiling neighbors handing out candy, kids out trick-or-treating--Halloween brings back some of my favorite childhood memories.



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