Friday, October 21, 2011

You're Going to Get Tired of Me

Two days in a row of Cheri? Sorry about that. ;) I was glad to be able to help Nikki out in a pinch.

Yesterday, I found myself inadvertently counting my blessings. It's been an awesome week, as things go. First of all, Bryan is HOME with us finally (and on a job interview right now, so fingers crossed). He got in around midnight Tuesday/Wednesday, and woke up the kids for school Wednesday morning. It was better than when we surprised them with Disneyland, seriously. The oldest was first, since he has to get up early for seminary. He couldn't disengage his "Cheshire Cat grin" all morning. Then he woke up the girls. The youngest hit her head on the bunk bed in her rush to hug Daddy and didn't even notice. He woke up the twins last and ended up sandwiched between them in a big hug. I sent the happiest kids on Earth to school that morning--and not just because they were on the cusp of a 5 day weekend.

Wednesday afternoon we had parent/teacher conferences. I've vented a little in various places about how frustrating it's been struggling with my older daughter and school. A few weeks ago, we had an emergency meeting with her teachers, the principal, her, me and Dad-via-phone. Ever since then, though, she's been a model student and brought all her failing grades up to passing. Her lowest grade is just 2 points away from being a C. Considering she was failing three subjects just a few weeks ago--that's pretty amazing. I'm so proud of her that she's taken the responsibility to improve and try and do all those things she's supposed to do anyway. It's not the end of the solution, but it's a step.

My youngest is also doing fantastic in her class. Straight A's, that girl. She just loves school (I love that stage).

Thursday we celebrated Bryan's birthday. So glad that he was here for it. Since I got my son's cold, he did most of the cooking but everything (except my potato rolls lol) turned out great.

I guess, in all this, I'm trying to say how fantastic this week has been, and how easy it is to feel gratitude and peace when things are going well. It's been a dark time, and I'm happy to see the sun again.

One of my sons once said, in response to the hymn "Count your Blessings," that to do so is impossible, because there are too many. That's a great attitude to have, but a difficult one to maintain. So, just in case some of you are struggling today, my advice--and my son's--is to take a few minutes to think of the good things in your life. Sometimes those things are as basic as getting out of bed, or a hug from your child, but they can be larger things, too.

What are your blessings today?

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  1. Mine are a little in line with yours. I'm happy for you and your family!! Obviously. ;)
    But I'm also thankful for the long visit I had with my mom, even though she had to go home.
    I'm glad we took photos before she left so she has those memories.
    All in all, there has been very little to complain about and much to celebrate and rejoice in.



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