Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back-to-School Challenge

Last June, when my oldest graduated kindergarten, I knew assumed the summer would be a party without a need for a schedule to enslave us.  I quickly learned that my kids favorite summer time activity is driving me crazy.  I have spent most of the summer looking something like this.
 Yes, it is scary.  My kids have mastered the skill of getting mom frazzled beyond repair.  There has been bickering over the silliest things.  All that time I thought I would gain from not having to worry about school, was spent breaking up arguments.

They look so sweet. (They are sweet too)  Yet these two know the way to crazy town with their eyes closed, and then lose the keys to the car.  Most of my summer goals were quickly replaced with getting out of the house to refocus the misplaced energy.

Due to all of this chaos, I have not been much of a writer this season.  I realize there are many mommy writers that combat these same issues with varying levels of success.  I pretty much failed.  My writing muscles have atrophied, and I am in need of some serious writing therapy.

Technically, I still have two full weeks before school starts in our district.  So I am going to use that time to read a few more books on outlining.  I have been an unsuccessful pantser.  I know many of you are sending your kids back to school already, and maybe you are doing great with your writing.  However, if you have been more of a thinker than I writer this summer, and you need to kick start your writing, I am challenging you to set some hard fast goals for the month of September.  You can post them here if you want or keep them to yourself.  If you need an accountability partner, I am more than willing to help out.  Just let me know.

So I am declaring September to be a back to writing month for me.  And maybe I can find the keys and get myself home from crazy town.


  1. Awesome! Yes, I need to rev up my engine and get out of crazy town too. I have been doing some writing, but I’ve slacked off the last 3 weeks. I went 2 weeks with nothing done on my WIP and this past week I only managed 1800 words (vs my goal of 3000). I’m going to get my bootie in gear and hit my goals each week.

    Also...don’t know if this might interest you, but there is a writing conference coming up in Richmond in October- James River Writers. Another MMW, Lana Krumwiede, met her agent at that conference a couple years ago, so it sounds like it’s worth going to. I’m planning on going to help make some networking connections and learn a thing or two (or ten) from some really awesome presenters. :-)

  2. Oh ugh, I need to be doing this too (except minus the part where the kids go away for the day!). You know how photographers do that 365-day project thing, where they take at least one photo per day for a year? I think that's what I really need. Except photographers have accountability! They post on Facebook! What could be more accountable than that? :) And I'm sure not about to post my 200 words on Facebook.

    Any ideas? You could start 365 days in September!

    1. I’m accountable to my mom- I send her my 3000 words each week by midnight on Saturday. I know if I don’t she’ll start bugging me about it. Find a writing buddy who is really annoying. ;-)



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