Monday, August 19, 2013

Welcome Syra!

by Kasey Tross

As Nikki mentioned last week, the blog is a’changin! And I am excited to see the changes and be a part of them.

About a month or so ago, my sweet friend Syra was over at my house and mentioned the Mormon Mommy Writers blog. She said she thought she might enjoy writing for a blog like that. I told her that openings pop up all the time, and I’d be sure to let her know when one came around.

Well, one came around and so she applied! And shortly after that I got the e-mail from Nikki letting me know about the upcoming changes and asking if Syra and I would like to team up to take on Mondays. I said sure, why not?

Just FYI, I have decided that this change should lead to some changes for me as well, so I have decided to do a little resuscitation on a blog of mine called “Making It Up As I Go.” Basically, I always have random thoughts on life and writing and mommying and God and I want to have a place to share them. It’s possible I may also have some folks searching me out on the web due to the articles I’ve been writing for a local magazine, and I’d like to have a “home base” where they can find me. So if you start to miss me (I know, not likely, but it could happen, right?) come on over and visit me there. :-)

So now I am excited to step aside and enjoy reading all that Syra has to offer. She is not only a friend to me, but an inspiration. We are in the same ward at church, and she only lives about 4 minutes away from me. (Yes, I know you Utahns, that’s normal for you there, but not so much here in VA!) Her two awesome kids are in the same school as mine and her son and mine are in the same grade. Oh, and she drives a motorcycle. So that officially makes her the coolest mom I know. ;-)

Welcome, Syra!

Hi Everyone!  My name is Syra Mangus, and I am a photographer and single mother of two BEAUTIFUL children, a boy, J, 9 years old, and L, a girl who is just about to turn six this next month!

 I would tell anyone that my greatest love in this world is my children.  This being included, brings me to all the other things that us Mormon Mommies love to talk about!  I am addicted to my children and crafts.  I love the Gospel, music, DIY projects, bows, jewelry, sewing, photography, painting and drawing, working in my yard, my dad’s garage, my garden and occasionally you might catch me going for a ride on my motorcycle. 

 I’ve been writing since I was a kid, and haven’t done anything fancy or big, but my words come from my heart, and the wisdom from the experiences of my limited years.  Sometimes I write fancy, and sometimes it comes from something I scratched onto a napkin.  But I get a lot out of influencing others for good and lifting people up, so I pray I will be able to add to the wonderful knowledge that all these ladies give in lifting you up!

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  1. Welcome Syra! I'm so glad to have you on board! I hope you share your poem that you sent in with the blog. It was awesome, so were the words you penned about writing it. Can't wait to read more!



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