Saturday, August 24, 2013

Finding Your Write Calling in Life

by: Lacey Gunter
I used to hate writing. I would always put it off until the last possible moment. It wasn't that I was particularly bad at it. I just would have preferred to have dental work done over writing an essay.

For so long I have been known as one of those math geeks. You know, the kind of person who claims numbers are a universal language (which they are, by the way). Moreover, I am a statistics instructor. So you can imagine how baffled I was when I got hit with the writer's bug last year.

Why in the world would I want to write books?!? I'm supposed to be analyzing data somewhere in a windowless basement, off by myself.  And, anyway, who would want to read a book written by a stats instructor? We don't even enjoy reading our own kind of books, most of the time.

Yet there it was, somewhere deep down inside, pestering me. "You should try writing. Just one little, teeny, tiny book. What's the big deal? You can do it!" And none of my logic and reasoning could make it go away.

So, I finally decided to give in, but only on the condition that it actually be a teeny, tiny book. That way my pain would be over quick and I could get back to what I knew I liked and was good at.

So a picture book it was. Luckily I had already done a lot of research in this area, reading countless numbers of picture books to my kiddos, over and over and over. And really, how hard could be, a few words here, a picture there, cute little story, slap it all together, done!

Well, not quite.

Turns out, picture book writing is rather difficult. How many really great stories have you told that can be written in only about 500 words? Every word counts.  Not to mention it's got to have a solid beginning, middle and end, should contain a conflict and a resolution, and needs to be able to keep the interest of a fidgety, easily distracted child. Yikes, it's starting to sounds like an impossible college final exam paper! Where's the door?

So, it should have been a big flop, right? One of those crazy ideas that pops in you head, you try it out and later think "where did that come from?"

Wrong again! Turns out the idea was just write. I loved it!!! And now I can't stop.  My only plausible explanation is someone up there knows more about us than we think we know about ourselves.  Good thing he loves us enough to show us. And maybe tomorrow you'll wake up a math genius. You never know, stranger things have happened.


  1. So happy to have you and glad I picked you to be my partner. Love your voice, and I am still waiting for the day I will wake up and understand algebra

  2. Hooray for math geekery! (Although I still run screaming from stats.) And also, hooray for discovering a love of writing! It's nice to be able to pick up and try something new--and then love it. Looking forward to hearing more.

  3. Ooooh, a fellow math geek! Woohoo!

    1. :) I always enjoy the weird expressions I get when people discover I'm a math-geek-turned-English-geek. :)

  4. I would love to wake up and be a math genius! I've never been strong at math, have always loved to write! Yep, so glad God directs us!



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