Friday, August 9, 2013

How Creative is Your Brain?

In my writing life, I often have music playing while I work.   The words in my head flourish with certain types of music.  Sound tracks are particularly inspiring to me.  I love Phantom of the Opera, Evita, and Les Miserables.   I love the sound tracks to Last of the Mohicans and Far and Away and Legends of the Fall

I also love Josh Groban.  And Smokey Robinson.  Chris Tomlin.  Richard Marx.  And Glenn Miller.   

Give me Pandora and the laptop, and I can escape for hours.   Writing or reading.  Music and words seem linked to me.

I wonder if musicians equally love to read.  Or paint.  I know a ballet dancer who loves to garden.   These two creative outlets do not seem related to me.  Football legend Roosevelt (Rosey) Grier loved to do needlepoint. He was a massive defensive tackle, so nobody teased him about it.  But, how intriguing.  Body slamming and detailed hand-stitching.  A love of both in the same brain.

My mom loves to write, but music is just noise to her.  My sister loves to read, but hates to write.  When I was in college, I discovered I loved pottery classes, but hated draw/painting.  Martha Stewart does everything.  Does that mean her brain is more creative than mine?

Is one form of art "smarter" than another?   Is there an advantage to enjoying multiple artistic pursuits? 

Are you artistic on several levels, or single-minded when it comes to creativity? 

Creative minds want to know...


  1. I like trying all sorts of things, but it turns out that takes up too much space in my house! So I mostly stick with the things I like most: writing, wire jewelry, and making random stuff with the kids.

    I think there can be an advantage to having a wide variety of interests in that you see the world in multiple ways, but the disadvantage is being scattered and sometimes never truly becoming a master of any one thing.

  2. I love doing EVERYTHING! I do crafts, draw, write (duh), read, knit, cook, sing, dabble in photography and play the flute. I love any and all creative things! I also dance, but usually only when no one is looking, because I have no formal training. Well, I took a "modern dance" class in college, but it was just for fun and super simple.

    I think that doing multiple artsy things helps you to better express yourself, because you may feel more comfortable expressing certain things in some ways versus others. Also, I joke that I have creative ADD- I get so easily distracted and want to change whatever my focus is at the moment. With having four kids, though, I agree with Jeanna- I try to stick with the less messy things, which in my case at the moment are knitting, playing the flute, and writing. I hope that someday I will have the time & freedom to pursue ALL my passions, but for now those are good.

  3. I too, have lots of different creative outlets. But I usually only focus on one or two at a time. Though I have recently learned that taking the time to make a card, or a scrap book page, gets my creative juices flowing and helps combat writers block. Listening to music definitely helps me get into the mode of writing as well. Sometimes I pick a song that reminds me of my characters and when I need to get in that characters head, I listen to it before I write. I'm always looking for ways to be creative and foster more growth. -Nikki

  4. I'm definitely not the creative type when it comes to crafts and the like. I can't even understand painting or sculpting! My creative brain is strictly limited to writing, making delicious frosting (that may or may not end up on actual cakes), and music.

  5. Jenna and Kasey - in my earlier days, I was into all kinds of crafts too, but, like you, found there was too much stuff around! I would jump from thing to thing too. In college, I learned that the female brain has more connecters between the right and left hemispheres, so we tend to be able to multi-task easier than men. I don't always know if this is a good thing or not! Kasey, I tried to play the flute long ago...I LOVE it, but I was not disciplined enough. I admire you! Kay, there is something to be said for making a delicious frosting! You might post your recipe. :-)



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