Sunday, December 13, 2009

Family--Sneaking in post

Please Read Nikki's post below--it's just AWESOME!...

I was hoping to sneak this one in before she wrote. As it doesn't have much to do with writing and a lot more to do with family... Due to my hectic schedule lately Nikki and I agreed, I would write on Friday and she would write on Sunday--well Friday came and went and I didn't post. Was all over Utah with the family...

Last week my mom, dad, 2 sisters and three more kids came to my house. We've just moved into this house 7 weeks ago (in Pleasant Grove) this is the THIRD time they've come in those short seven weeks. (they come again in on Christmas day) And no, with this high risk pregnancy, I haven't had my house completely finished yet. I've spent literally weeks sleeping instead. LOL!

So I was feeling slightly stressed and a little put upon to be receiving guests yet again, so soon after the last time. Especially when the guests showed up 6 hours ealier than planned--right after I'd dropped my kids to school--and I hadn't had a chance to clean up. My mom is the CLEANIEST person you'll ever meet. Just naturally perfectly organized and everything. What takes her 1/2 hour to clean will take me 6. Organization is a talent I struggle with daily... (to say the least)

Anyway, my family proceeded to walk through my whole house and proclaim just how awful it was. And IT WAS. The night before I was finishing a chapter and since the kids had cleaned so well for grandma we let them have a party before bed. That party took place in our two guest bedrooms, along with the living room and family room--all the while I was happily typing away at a new exciting chapter... GRRRRR....

So needless to say I was ready to just lose it. Like tears, anger, frustration--everything. All at once I didn't want them here for Christmas or ever again. I begged them to please leave. Go shopping far away, or something, please. They heeded my wishes and promptly left. I said a long tearful prayer to my heavenly father, took a deep breath and got in the shower. Starting with me, I began to clean. When my family returned, my house was glowing and shining and perfect AND I had somehow managed to squeeze in a 2 hour nap somewhere along the way.

My familiy was shocked and amazed and indeed very impressed by my home and apologized for the way they had treated me earlier...

Just now they have all said goodbye trying to beat the next storm coming through, on their seven hour journey back home. I have a few misty tears starting, and have realized a very valuable lesson. I LOVE MY FAMILY! I need them. And I'm so grateful they have come continuously the past weeks, because my kids need them too. Not to mention the amount of relief my house feels because of them as well. --LOL!

Anyway, I can happily report that already I'm planning exciting and fun adventures for when they come up in the evening on Christmas day. I just hope they don't show up 6 hours early this time! LOL!

Anyway, thanks for letting me sneak this in. I love you all!

NOW Go read Nikki's post below! Please...


  1. AAAHHH Family, we take the good with the bad don't we? But in the end we are always sad to leave them. I was able to go to Tucson Sunday, to be with family at my Uncle's deathbed. We reminiced, talked, laughed, ate, and cried. That's what family is for.

  2. Gotta love your family and I mean that literally.

  3. Horror of horrors! That is my worst nightmare! LOL! Good job for handling it so well!

  4. We moved in our new place the beginning of October. This place is still boxes, and unfinished rooms. I think if I was pregnant and hosting family, that I would not have sanity.

    You are a superwoman.



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