Sunday, December 13, 2009

God Complex

When I put pen to paper I become as a God to my creations. I create whole worlds and people who must abide within. The worlds become real with creatures, vegetation, rolling hills, mountains, oceans, and, of course, rules. Each world comes with it's own unique rules that govern the creatures and characters that live in it. The characters have attributes and feelings not unlike my own. They are often placed in harrowing situations and adventures, but once I breathe life into them, their free will takes over. I can change the world around them, change the situation, change the tone of the story, but I can't change their will. I never know what they will do. I can give them the tools, family, friends, and resources to overcome their trials, but I can't make them use them. Being as a God to my paper worlds I can appreciate the frustrations of my own maker. I can only hope that he also feels the awesome wonder that I experience watching my creations grow and succeed in the worlds I created for them. I also hope that I can recognize the tools he puts at my disposal as the blessings that they are.


  1. Oooh! I love this post Nikki! I too feel like sometimes I've created something so real and tangible I could taste it... It's just an amazing feeling!

  2. I really liked this post as well. The picture was very great visual.

    Our characters really do become so real to us. And even when we want to right away all their problems, we can't stay true to our characters if we force our wishes upon them.

  3. I most definitely agree! They feel so lifelike, I am sad that they are a mere figment of my imagination! :(



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