Sunday, December 6, 2009

We Are Children of our Heavenly Father

Well, Jenni hasn't posted yet, so I'm going to sneak in here today and post some thoughts I've been having. I've been having writer's block. I know, it's all in my head, but that doesn't make it any easier to combat. In fact it's harder. If it was just a physical deformity I could work around it. But it's much deeper than that. I sabotage my own dream of being a writer. The more frustrated I get, and the harder I dig my heels in to overcome it, the thicker the block wall becomes. I find myself wondering what's wrong with me. Why don't some of my other writer friends have this problem. How did they find the secret to writing obsessively? How are they able to make their dreams happen so easily? First of all, I have recognized that nobody has it easy. We all have difficulties to overcome in different areas of our lives. Mine right now is my block. Another thing I've learned is that there is a fine line between self-contempt and self-elevation. It's called self-confidence, and somewhere along the way, I lost it. I know where to find it, it just takes a little time. But the secret is in something alot of learned when we turned 12 years old. The secret is in the Young Women's Theme. Well now I'm making it my writer's theme, and this is how it goes:

We are Children of our Heavenly Father, who loves us and we love him. We will stand as witnesses of God at all times, and in all things, and in all places. As we strive to live the Lord's values, which are:
Faith-in ourselves and our Heavenly Father to accomplish the things put before us.
Divine Nature-to love ourselves and our writing through the good and bad.
Individual Worth-knowing that we matter, and our writing is unique and it has worth, even when we don't see it.
Knowledge-to write to the best of our abilities.
Choice and Accountability-we are resposible for the choices we make in our everyday lives to write and to reach for our dreams. Once that choice is made we must make ourselves accountable for it.
Good Works-through our written words we can touch others, and through reaching out and encouraging each other we can truly change the publishing world.
Integrity-to face the big, bad publishing world straight on and not waiver in our convictions. To keep our values and standards high in our writing.
We believe as we come to accept and act upon these values we will be prepared to stregthen the literary world, achieve our goals, and reach our potential as seen through the eyes of our Father in Heaven.

I'm working on remembering who I am. When I remember and truly believe that, the sky will be the limit!


  1. Wow, Nikki. You have no idea how much I needed this today. I especially connect with "integrity" after what I've been through this week. I truly feel I stood up for what was right and have no regrets. I love this version of the YW values. I'm going to print it and hang it near my computer. Thanks for sharing this and hang in there. I get blocked all the time. Try reading a good book and getting your mind off things for a while. My muse has a tendency to sneak up on me when I do that and start pouring ideas into my head. Good Luck!

  2. That was awesome Nikki. I truly believe that if we only had half the faith in ourselves our Father in Heaven has on us, we'd be remarkably successful in all facets of our lives. ((hugs))

  3. Nikki this is AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT! And now I know why I went three times to the computer to add my message for today, but all three times I was told to wait. LOL! I was like, wait??? Are you crazy? I totally missed last week, because I was traveling home. Anyway, now I see why. You are a writer nikki. I could've never come up with that in a million years. Yours totally beats mine--hands down.
    Hang in there.

  4. Thanks everyone. I almost talked myself out of posting this. It felt too personal. I was afraid people would maybe find my version of the theme corny or dumb. I even felt guilty for taking Jenni's day. Thanks for your support everyone, it has truly helped me.

    Jenni-if you want my Friday this week, it's all yours!

  5. Totally loved that post. I needed that today as well.

  6. Beautiful post, Nikki! You love writing. It will come back to you.

  7. I just discovered your site, and I loved this post. It hit on so many things I feel. Thank you for sharing.



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