Monday, December 28, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Every Year we make a huge ginormously long list of things we would like to improve in ourselves...lose weight, finish our book, read scriptures daily, etc., etc., etc. Well I am here to tell you that this is your year to succeed!
Lists be gone!
Rip them up and pick just one goal!!
Just one thing that you would like to achieve and focus on!
You are less likely to fail if you have just one goal to focus on. It's better to succeed at one thing than to fail at an entire list that's been breathing down your throat all year. And besides that, you'll never forget what you were suppose to be working on.
It's just one thing!
One day at a time.
I plan on losing this much gained baby weight (Why do we call it baby weight. None of it went to baby!! It all when to me!!!). If I can be successful at that then I'm sure other successes will fall in line.
Success Breeds Success like Failure seems to breed Failure.
So out of the depths of the failure list and into the spotlight of THE SUCCESS you are going to have this year. Be it one thing!
You are going to shine :) !!!


  1. So true Martha, thanks!

    My resolutions have been dwindling down over the years from those ginormous lists to just one or two really important things. Seems to work for me!

    Good luck!

  2. I need a change of heart. Does that make a good New Year's Resolution?

    Another trick I use is to write down the things I know I'm going to do anyways and call them my New Year's Resolutions. For example, those times I was pregnant at New Year's, I put down, "have a baby" to remind me that I didn't need to plan much else that year.

  3. I like the idea of focusing on one thing/theme each year. My focus for 2010? Letting my dreams fly.

  4. Mary, how did you know my list included excercise, write my novel, read my scriptures, volunteer work...etc. Ok, ok, your right, I do need to focus on just one. After all, just working towards a goal does help your self confidence and definately bleeds over into all areas of our life! So which to pick? Probably eating right and exercising, because if I can feel good physically, everything else will be much easier.

  5. Ack! It's new years already??? LOL!



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