Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Help Please

Okay, I'm working out the plot for a book and I could use your help. Which scenario do you think is better:

Super-human Joe loves Sally, but Sally wants to be super-human too and can only do so by giving her love to super-human Bill (who doesn't love her back.) All the while she begins to love Joe and has to fight her feelings of love for him so that she can talk Bill into loving her. She must choose between her desire to follow her heart, or her desire to be super-human.


Super-human Joe loves Sally, but she doesn't love him back, just loves the feeling of being super-human, and only he can give her that. All the while she really falls in love with ordinary, regular human Kenny but she can't believe it's really love because it pales in comparison to the depth of feeling she has with Joe--just not love. She must choose between her desire to be super-human and her desire to follow her heart.

So, basically, either way she's just picking between 2 guys, but in #1 it's between 2 super-guys, and in #2 it's between a super-guy and a regular guy.

My other question is do you think these have been overdone?


  1. Ok, so in the first scenerio there is an empathy for Sally and her lack of returned love. In the second scenerio the sympathy is for Joe, therefore making him the main character in my thoughts. In both scenerios I do find myself drawn to Joe. Not sure why. I don't think the thoughts are overdone, they just need to be fleshed out a bit. I think it sounds intriguing.

  2. I pick scenerio #1... I think between the two super humans!

  3. I pick scenario 2, super guy and regular guy, for sure.

  4. Maybe it should be like Superman, where superhuman guy is ACTUALLY the normal guy. Okay, not an option, I know. I like the second one. But only if the normal guy wins the girl.

  5. I pick the first scenario. Sally chooses the desire to follow her heart.

  6. Wow, Kristy!

    Personally, the second plot has more tension and even has great potential to upping the stakes. Joe might think he's better than Kenny and picks a fight with him. OR! Kenny might have a chip on his shoulder and feel he is the better man and outdo the humble Joe? The choices Sally will have! You can have the readers believe one guy is the likeable one while the other is not until your surprise ending that the likeable one turns out to be the jerk. LOL. So which will it be?

  7. Well, at first I was leaning toward the two super-guys. But then my husband said, "C'mon, give a normal guy a chance." So after thinking about it, I feel like the second plot will probably be more interesting, and I'll probably go with that.

  8. I'm with everybody else and your hubby! Go for the normal guy--hehehe! I love it!



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