Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy to be Here!

Hi everyone! I feel very honored to be a part of this blog. It champions many things I firmly believe in. Good friends. Good writing. Mothers striving to develop their talents while in the midst of their greatest work - that of nurturing children.

To introduce myself, I live in Henderson, Nevada with my husband and five children. I love hats, sandcastles, kites, Renaissance music, animated films (especially Pixar and Miyazaki), and literature for young readers. My favorite authors include Eloise McGraw, Susan Cooper, Natalie Babbitt, Christopher Paul Curtis, Lois Lowry, Linda Sue Park, Richard Peck, Megan Whelan Turner, Louis Sachar, Mark Twain, Victor Hugo, and many others. In a few weeks, I plan to start looking for a literary agent to represent my post-apocalyptic novel, Earthcrosser, which I have been working on since summer 2008.

Thanks for having me! I look forward to sharing our thoughts with each other as we all work to be the best moms and the best writers we can be!

-Rebecca J. Carlson


  1. Good luck in your quest to find representation. I sure loved querytracker.net!

  2. Welcome, Rebecca! And I second the good luck wishes. Is your novel YA or adult?

  3. My novel is MG. Middle-grade. Ages 9 - 12.

  4. Welcome, Rebecca! I too am writing Middle-grade. It's so good to get to know more about you! Good luck with finding an agent, it really is exciting to start that search. Be sure to keep us apprised of your progress!

  5. Welcome to MMW, Rebecca. I'm a bit of a newbie myself and have to tell you this blog ROCKS!! I love the other bloggers and have learned so much from them and others through their comments. Good luck on seeking representation. I'm in the same boat. HUGS

  6. Welcome! Welcome! We're so excited to have you! I became completely addicted to my computer--I mean manic obsessed once I started querying for agents. I thought it would calm down a bit once I found an agent, but er--sad to say, no it hasn't! Good luck!


  7. I'm putting 2 and 2 together here. Just realizing YOU are the Rebecca who lives in old Henderson who has the writer's group I was going to join but didn't. And you're going to SCBWI! Got it! :)

    Glad to see a fellow Henderson writer mama here! I've been a fan of this blog for quite awhile!

  8. "We should hang out."
    -Jackie Chan as Monkey in Kung Fu Panda



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