Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Book of My Life

I've posted about this before, but it's been awhile and we have some new faces around MMW now. Once, I was an ardent journal keeper. I documented every day. In. Detail. Now, I really struggle when it comes to recording my thoughts and my days...even though my now seems a lot more important than my then. (Meaning, then I wrote about boys. And boys. Now I have a family who depends on me to record their lives.)

I guess sometimes I feel like if I don't write something down, a sweet moment with my daughter, something funny my son said...will be lost. Forever. Kind of depressing. Yet, in spite of this, I can't seem to make the time. So, I'm asking you...what do you do to set aside time to journal?


  1. I used to be very religious about it too, but now I'm not so great! One thing that has helped me is LDSJournal.com- I don't like the idea that it's not in my handwriting in ink in a book (I'm old-fashioned that way) but at this point in my life I have too much to say to fit it in manually! So I use LDSJournal. The cool thing about the site is that it's totally free and they store all your stuff so you won't ever lose it. You can have it printed up into a book (their book options are fairly inexpensive) and you can include photos as well. I also like that it sends me an e-mail reminder when I haven't written for awhile. They also have writing prompts if you can't think of what to say (I never have that problem!).

    Anyway, that's just a suggestion. I always feel like if I don't write something down and then I forget about it it's almost like it never happened. I hope my kids appreciate my journals someday!

  2. for a long time, wrote on my family blog that served as a journal for the most part. Now all I need to do is go to blurb and make books out of the blogs!! But it's nice to know it's there and recorded!! I know some people who save all their facebook status' in a word doc and then label it their mini journal for the year. My mom got me into scrapbooking about 15 years ago. I'm not religious about it, in fact, I only get around to it about once every three years or so. And having four kids, their books aren't too detailed. I do three - four pages a year per kid in their albums, a birthday page, a school page, and a misc page. I also do vacation albums so we can remember our family vacations, but again, they aren't too detailed. In fact sometimes I just let the kids write their memories and then stick them to a page! In fact, when my kids were younger, I would give them a group of their pictures and some scrapbook pages, stickers, and stamps and let them do some of their own pages and write on them. That way it preserved their handwriting too. Be creative with your journalling and let your kids see how fun it is to do.



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