Thursday, November 3, 2011

To Nano or Not to Nano...

That is the question this month, is it not?  Well, for me this wasn't the year to Nano.  I need to finish my LDS non-fiction to send to Covenant, and I want to finish the second draft of my YA fantasy that I wrote for Nano last year.  So with those goals in mind in I'm doing my own version of Nano.  I set a daily goal for myself and then try to reach it.  I actually got started because of another Yahoo group I belong to which is called ANWAwrites.  They call it their Book In A Month challenge.
I like this because I can still participate in word wars or word challenges which are so abundant right now.  In fact, head on over to our Yahoo group, mormonmommywriters and sign up.  We are doing all kinds of word challenges this year and sharing pieces of our writing so that we can get instant praise from those around us.  And if you're a needy writer like I am, a pat on the back is what helps to keep me going!
So no matter what your writing goal is this month, jump in and join all the Nano fun!!


  1. I'm doing NaNo for the first time and have NO idea what to do other than get my word count completed each day. There should be some kind of "NaNo for Dummies" book on it. Any advice on how to use their website, etc?

  2. Lisa, did you sign up on the Nano site yet? You will get your own page kind of like a facebook page where you can log your word count and add friends so you can see their word count too. You can also ask questions on the MMW loop, as alot of the gals on there are quite efficient at using the Nano site!

  3. I am loving the MMW word challenges! I had reached a point in my little story where I had to do some background sketching and character description and just the thought of doing it made me feel like bleehhhh, but then I got the 15-minute challenge yesterday and it started the ball rolling. I finished up the chapter last night and it wasn't really bleehhhh at all! :-)



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