Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Totally Cliche" is Totally LIVE!!!

Mormon Mommy Writers proudly presents....*drumroll here* "TOTALLY CLICHE"!  That's right, you can download your copy of our short story anthology TODAY!  I have been very impressed by the writers of these stories and their high quality of writing.  It doesn't matter that I have read these stories over and over again, I still laugh till tears stream down my face!  Also I need to take the time to thank all the writers in the book for their professionalism and punctuality in sending back edits and working hard to make this story the best it can be!  Most of all, I need to thank Lisa Turner for all her hard work and perseverance in making this e-book happen.  It would never have come to be without her wonderful idea and passion to make it happen!  Be sure to thank Lisa for all her hard work!!

Now, it's time to buy your copy today!  "Totally Cliche" is a great buy at only $.99 a download!  And because it's a short story collection you can read one story at a time if you would like, or devour it in one sitting!  You can get it on Kindle or find it on Smashwords and get it in many different formats including those compatible with Nook, Sony Reader, Ipad/Ipod, and even read it on your computer!  Also, be sure to visit us on Facebook and share our links to this wonderful book!! 

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  1. Thanks guys! This is SO exciting! My facebook friends are already buying it! :-)



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