Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Are You A Morning Person?

I've been trying to get up early the last couple of months to write. You might remember this little post when my daughter thought she might conspire against me and wake up early, too. Well, I believe she was teething that week. And since, there have been some mornings like that...when my kids SENSE my being awake, but overall it has been successful.

I have to go to bed a little earlier, but that small window of time in the morning can be very productive. My mind actually works better in the morning than it does in the afternoon (starts going into siesta mode then) or nighttime (too full of the day then).

This week I'm having a WAKE UP AND WRITE blogfest with a handful of my blog friends, and it's been nice. We've been talking by email and encouraging each other. (Let me tell you, when others across the country are waking up with you, it makes it MUCH easier.) But as I've discussed it on my blog and seen it discussed on my friend Patti's blog, I've found how many people declare they AREN'T a morning person.

For me, it was kind of a last resort deal. I figured that if I am going to make this writing thing work, I have to try something else. Some people can really make the daytime and nighttime work for them.

What about you? A nighttime person? A morning person? An anytime person? When are your best writing hours?


  1. sometimes, you just have to sneak the minutes when you can. I already get up at 5:30am and the thought of getting up any earlier is not a happy one. I try and sneak time in the evenings, some days I get more than others.

  2. I too have found that mornings can be quite productive for writing...when I get up, that is!!



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