Thursday, November 10, 2011

E-Book Descriptions

A major part of publishing a book is getting the back cover description just right.  The same goes for e-books, except instead of going on the back of a book it goes on the page with a picture of your cover.  What kind of descriptions make you want to read a book?  Does humor make you want to crack the page?  Is it a good hook that makes you click "buy"?  What would make you want to read a short story collection on e-book?  Have you guessed where I'm going with this yet?
If you guessed that MMW's e-book "Totally Cliched" needs a book a description, then you are right!  That's right, our book is due to come out a week from today!  I've been playing around with a few ideas for the description, but I need your help to figure out what works best.  Please tell me which one you like best and any suggestions you may have to make it better.

1.  What do Alice in Wonderland, an escaped convict, a vampire, a zombie, and Prince Charming all have in common?  They are only some of the characters to grace the pages of a short story collection that is "Totally Cliched".  Read this collection of stories that were inspired by the one thing writers should avoid at all costs...cliches!

2.  Where can you get your Vampire, Zombie, YA romance, and historical romance story fix all in one place?  Try the short story collection that is "Totally Cliched".

3.  Mormon Mommy Writers presents "Totally Cliched", a collection of short stories including:
       "Alice in Clicheland" by Kasey Tross - What's a writer to do when all she can think of is cliches?  Perhaps visit Castle Cliche in Clicheland where all IS as it seems!
      "Scared Stiff by Debra Erfert - Sammy is a girl that has never been scared her entire life despite her best efforts.  Will that all change on a dark and stormy night?
      "Mirage" by Cathy Witbeck - Leslie's mother was killed twenty years ago, yet when her mother's previous employer seeks Leslie as their newest employee, she may be headed for the same fate.
Be sure to read these and many more stories to get your cliche fix today!

Ok, so which do you like best?  How would you make it better?  Thanks for all your help, you guys ROCK!!


  1. I completely agree with the first two comments. Number one is awesome!

    Thanks, Nikki!

  2. I totally love the first one also. Yay!!!

  3. I like #1 as well!!! Thanks for putting this together.

  4. I vote for #3

    What formats will the ebook be available in?

  5. I vote #3- I liked #1 too, my only critique would be that Alice in Wonderland is not actually a character in my story. ;-) The main character is obviously reminiscent of her, but it's not actually her. Just trying to be obnoxiously accurate. You have my permission to ignore me.

    Also, if you use #1 you might want to think of something a little more interesting than "what do....have in common?" Maybe something like, "Imagine a place where you could meet Alice in Wonderland, an escaped convict, etc...You'll find them all between the covers of a short story collection that is 'Totally Cliched."

    Just a thought! I feel so lucky to have such awesome authors working on this book!!! :-) Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. I like #1.
    Thanks so much for all your hard work putting this together. :)

  7. Wow! Looks like number is winning.
    Erin - it will first be available in Kindle but we will be putting it into other formats soon after!
    Kasey - I wondered about the Alice thing too. I'll probably just take Alice off the description and start with thhe escaped convict if you think that would be better.
    Thanks to everyone for your help! This book rocks! I can't wait for you all to read it!

  8. I like the 3rd because if I was buying the book I'd a little detail about what I was going to read.

  9. I like a combination of 1 and 3. Maybe drop the Wonderland reference, but start with "Mormon Mommy Writers presents a book like none other" and then launch into the #1 summary.

  10. I woke up this morning thinking the same thing, Cheri! I think it just might work! Thanks for solidifying my decision!



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