Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Surface Briefly...

I am one of those insane people doing massive amounts of writing this month. I wish I could say I was doing a brand new story for Nano, but I have to use it to finish my book I want to pitch in Feb. No, I didn't get it finished before Halloween. :(

Now I have to get it done before mid-November. Turns out I have a few committments coming up this holiday, first of which is several rehearsals for a chorale that my hubby and I sing in. Second, my father-in-law is coming for a multiple week visit beginning the middle of the month, so I am, as they say, frazzled and certifiable to be doing this right now.

So here is my gift to you, a sample of the type of music I listen to, to help keep me motivated during this bout of insanity. This is BYU's male acapella group, Vocal Point, in their most recent performance. I've found for me, if I'm listening to music that represents the era, it's easier to channel my characters.


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  1. Love the clip, they've been a fun group to follow!



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