Sunday, April 1, 2012

Allegories , Apostles, and the Atonement

This month the MMW Blog is participating in an A-Z challenge.  We’re still new to the blogging community so this took us off guard a bit.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am not good at making decisions, let alone making decisions quickly.  So last night when I realized we needed to write about a topic starting with “a” I was a little flustered.  Ashley and I had already written a post and I had no idea what we could write on.  There are so many good “a” word topics, how could we choose with such short notice.  This is the sort of thing that could take weeks to decide!  Just kidding. No really, it could really take that long to make a decision.  ;)  Ashley thought that we could write on the Atonement since Easter is next week.  I was thinking we could write about apostles, since conference was this weekend.  What to do, what to do…  Then as I was watching conference this morning, well, afternoon for us eastern shore folks, it came to me.  We could write about both those things and keep the theme of our original post idea! (However, we’re going to make you wait until next week to hear about the “Allegory of the Grass Seed.”)  How is this possible you ask?  Let me explain, for the post we had written earlier this week Ashley had been pondering on the idea of the allegory of the olive tree found in Jacob 5 and relating it to an experience she has had.  As we were writing this experience it reminded me of some other allegories found in the Matt. 13, Mark4, and Luke 8.  Then as I listened to President Monson speak at the end of this morning’s session he told a story from his youth, a story about toy boats.  Almost anyone who watches conference will tell you they love President Monson’s stories.  I feel like it’s part of what makes it so fun to listen to him.  But as I sat listening I realized that the apostles of today are still teaching us in the same way that Christ taught so many years ago.  The telling of stories and relating them to our lives makes not just gospel principles, but any life lesson, more applicable to our lives.  They simplify and give life and reason to ideas.  They allow us to picture and make use of this given knowledge. 

The apostles of our church are truly inspired.  I believe they have been given the gift and knowledge of how to teach the people of our church and of the world, and they do it just as Christ did when He lived on earth.  It makes me truly grateful for our apostles and for our prophet. 

I know that many people as they watch conference will find a theme in many of the talks.  I have felt this way plenty of times.  This time I have felt that many of the talks spoke of or related to the Atonement.  This may just be because as of late I have found a new appreciation for the Atonement.  Not just in my life, but the lives of loved ones.  I have found a deeper love for my Savior and His sacrifice for each of us.  There is such comfort in knowing that at the end of the day even when I feel like a failure as a mother or wife, even when I have made mistakes, missed opportunities, or feel like I just want to give up I know that I have a Savior, a brother, a friend waiting to hear my woes and help me overcome the difficulties of this life.  I have a redeemer who has given me a way to start again and better myself. 
I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.


  1. hello MMM Im a Mormon Daddy Blogger pleased to meet you :)

    An interesting and well thought out A post, looking forward to the rest of your A-Z letters


    1. Woohoo for Mormon Daddy bloggers! :-) Welcome to the blog!

  2. What a perfect beginning to our A to Z month! Thank you guys for the last-minute change- it was totally my fault. We'd discussed doing it briefly right before you guys joined the blog and then I completely forgot about it until I realized shoot- it's almost April! You guys jumped right in and I'm so grateful for your willingness to be flexible.

    Conference was amazing and I loved the allegories, apostles, and of course the atonement! :-)

  3. Way to go guys!! I can't wait until my turn... Gulp

  4. I really like this post! I too love when the apostles use stories, it makes everything easier to understand and it's easier for each person to take something different from the story. I am trying to emmulate their example in my own LDS non-fiction book.



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