Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Darn Good Book!

This A to Z challenge has challenged me from the beginning, if only because I had a book review scheduled for today and had to make "D" fit into a title that would make sense. But as I thought on it, several came to mind, though I settled on the one you see above.
The book is Motherhood Matters by Connie E. Sokol. This book came at the most opportune time. It is small, barely over 100 pages, with small entries, usually no longer than two or three pages. But with titles like "Love Them When They're Unlovable" and "Mother Moments" and "Sacrifice is Sanctifying", they're references for when the situation calls for it. It's for those days when you have to go hide in your bathroom and breath deep breaths and remember that motherhood is a divine calling that I signed up for, dang it! In those same brief moments of collecting yourself, you can pick this up, flip to the one that applies and remind yourself why Motherhood Matters. With personal stories, quotes from general apostles and prophets, and scriptural references, these readable snippets uplift and illuminate the reasons why this is something I chose to do.

So as you're contemplating gifts for Mother's Day next month, you might want to get a copy for yourself, then send one to all your friends, sisters, and mothers. Because even if they're a grandma empty nester now, they'll still laugh at the memories these stories invoke. You might also conveniently leave it where your husband can see it, with today's applicable essay marked, with a brief note saying, "This was my day today. Do not ask when dinner will be ready."


  1. Nice job working in the A to Z! I think I need this book. Yesterday right before dinner I had sent the kids upstairs to clean their rooms and not 5 minutes had passed when I heard screeching and feet pounding down the stairs. I don't even know what happened- all I know is that someone hit someone and someone else said they were going to hit someone and then someone else sit someone else on accident and...well, they were all either mad or crying or both, so all 3 of them ended up in time-out at the same time! Our time-out spot is the stairs, so then they were all like, "He's putting his feet on me!!" "She's too close to my stair!!!" So I sent one up to the hallway for a time-out, one at the top/middle of the stairs and the other at the bottom. SHEESH! Sometimes being a mom is like running an insane asylum, I tell ya.

    Yup, definitely need this book.

  2. Sounds like a book I could use. I'm doing the A to Z challenge too and I saw your name in the list and thought I'd support my fellow Mormon bloggers. Good use of the word "darn" and not the OTHER D word. ;)

  3. I'll check it out.


  4. GOOD,i'll give my daughter one



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