Sunday, April 8, 2012


Have any of you ever tried to grow grass from seed? In our yard we have a small patch of grass and the rest is dirt and rocks. It's not even good soil, it's just desert sand. But my husband and I thought, if a small patch of grass can grow, we can get grass to grow on the rest. So I picked up a bag of grass seed and decided to give it a try. I laid the seed, watered with some Miracle Grow, and said a little prayer of hope that something would grow. I didn't want to get my hopes up too high because our environment isn't the greatest for growing anything. Everything seemed to be against my little grass seeds. The puppy discovered that with all the watering I was doing to keep the seeds moist, it made the ground nice and soft, better for digging. Little children also think mud is fun and could not stay out of the yard no matter how many times they were told not to go over there. The birds soon discovered the seeds and have made regular trips to our yard for snacks. The worst hindrance for the poor little seeds were the wind storms. Near hurricane force winds brought in a cold front with temperatures dropping close to freezing. I thought for sure that none of the grass seeds could survive all this. But I held onto that small bit of hope that something would grow, and I diligently watered the yard twice a day.

After about 3 weeks of this, I was out watering one morning and noticed that there were small blades of green poking up through the dirt. I got so excited! I started to look closer at the dirt as the water sprinkled over it. Then, I saw some more, and over in the corner more! It isn't much, just a few blades here and there, but there IS grass growing! A few of those seeds were able to hold on and take root. Through all the wind, the trampling feet and paws, the cold temperatures, and even the birds pecking around for something to eat. These little seeds survived!

I couldn't help but think of how like our lives this little scenario is. How many little things in our lives try to dig us up, trample us under, or blow us away in the wind before we can grow strong roots. But if we hold tight to the things we have and know are true, and soak up the living waters of our Savior, we can survive anything! How many times have missionaries come home sad, and feeling like they have failed because they only baptized one or two people. But even that one soul is special to Christ. Just as my few little grass seeds will grow and flourish and go to seed if given continuous nourishment, that one soul can turn to many as they share the Gospel with their friends and family. Through generations this one soul will blossom into many. D&C 18:10,15,16

As you look out over our yard now, you see several patches of new grass growing. So why did the seed grow in some areas and not in others? I noticed that the areas where the grass is growing are the low spots in the yard where the water puddles. As the water flowed over the dirt, it carried the loose seeds with it to these puddles, where the water stayed and it gave them the atmosphere they needed to survive.

We can be like these little seeds. We have been taught to stand in holy places, where we will be surrounded by good influences and where the spirit can dwell. If we do, we will be fed and strengthened. I worry sometimes about raising my children in this world where it seems there are so few holy places left. It strengthens my desire to make my home that holy place, where my children (and anyone else who comes into my home) can be at peace and be spiritually fed. I don't want my home to be a spot of ground that may receive some moisture every other day or so only to dry up, lose that ability to stand firm against the strong winds that blow all around it. I want our home to be a puddle!


  1. thank you. Really nice to read that today.

  2. Very nice post and metaphor. Thanks ladies

  3. I love this post. Sometimes I feel like my house has seen too many storms, but that is more due to the mess that seems to reappear faster than I can remove it.

    I love the metaphor. Thanks girls.

  4. Despite my many failures, inadequacy, or just the downright neglect of proper spiritual nourishment in any given day, these two beautiful daughters of mine found those puddles. They eagerly absorbed every morsel of spiritual feasting they could to grow into the stalwart pillars they are today. They are now nourishing their own little seedlings and doing a mighty fine job at it. They are MY examples.



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