Monday, May 21, 2012

Because It Was One of THOSE Weekends

I had another hectic weekend (all good stuff, but very busy) and since I didn't prepare my post ahead of time like last week (another crazy weekend!) I am reaching into my back pocket, where I keep my Use In Case of Emergency Post, otherwise known as my "Good Writing Articles" folder in my browser's bookmarks section.

This week I am treating you to a great article/post entitled The Proper Care and Feeding of Conflict, brought to you by Erin Shakespear of Utah Children's Writers. She writes:

Conflict. Oy...we need a lot of the stuff, right? In our books my living room, between the wee natives, not so much. 
But how do we make conflict? How do we stuff enough into our stories to turn them into Must-Be-Read-Until-The-Crack-Of-Dawn page turners?

If you want to know the answer, be sure to head over there to read her post- it will make you eager to delve back into your WIP and stir up some juicy conflict...


  1. Thanks for leading me to the post :) I want to ruin everyone's sleep too

    1. Ha ha, Betsy! Yes, it's a strange profession when your main goal is to turn the entire world's population into insomniacs...

  2. When early readers of my manuscript would send reviews at one and two in the morning, about how they couldn't put my novel down, I got so excited! Writers are a sick bunch. :)



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