Sunday, May 20, 2012

Co-writing part 3

This week, in our Co-writing Part 3, we would like to take a few minutes to describe our crazy method of writing together.  During the past few years since we have begun writing together, our situations have changed, we have both moved several times.  But our co-writing style has developed during this time to a point where we feel we have a method that works pretty well for us.     Our little system keeps us organized. Because, lets face it, emailing something back and forth while adding more to it could get a little messy and confusing. We always start with a brainstorming session where we write down notes.  This is when we formulate the basic plot line and begin to develop our characters.  This is done together, either in person if we get the chance, over the phone, email, or Skype. Once the bulk of it is down in notes one of us will take a piece and start putting it in story format.  Anything that we add we put in colored font so that when the WIP is passed to the next person their attention is immediately drawn to anything that is newly added and needs to be edited.  Upon receiving the WIP from the other, we will edit the new material, expand on or complete any added ideas.  Any colored text is then changed to black, or is left colored if we feel it needs more consideration or needs to be changed in any way. Then we add our new material (in a colored text different from the previous) and pass it on for another go-around.  We also take time to sit down while on skype or the phone and read through sections together and edit.  When one of us has a new idea to add to the plot, or a new character, we will talk it over together before putting it into the WIP.   Maybe this only makes sense to us :) but it seems to work well.  We build on each other's strengths and make up for weaknesses.  One of us is better at expanding ideas, while the other is a really good editor.  A really good story would be really confusing without indentations and punctuation in the right place, while all the good grammar in the world can't make a story by itself.  We feel it makes us a good team.     When we write our blog posts, we use a condensed version of this system.  Most of the time we use e-mail to send back and forth while on the phone so we can write somewhat simultaneously, helping each other build on an idea.  Occasionally, one of us will write the bulk of the post with the other doing minor editing.     As Mishmashed as this method may seem it has worked really well for us.  What are some of your methods of writing and keeping organized?      


  1. Organized? I'm supposed to be organized? Well, shoot.

    I'm kind of kidding- once I figured out track changes in Word they became my best friend. Very helpful for when I'm having multiple people critique my work, or when I'm editing and critiquing someone else's. :-)

  2. I agree with Kasey. Track changes is amazing!



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