Sunday, May 6, 2012

Grab the Rope

We had another post planned for this week, but I liked yesterday's post so much that I wanted to take a few minutes to comment.
I like the story Betsy shared, and her comments on using what the Lord blesses us with to help ourselves. I'm not really waiting for that rescue in my writing (as sister co-writers, we kind of rely on each other for that). But it did make me really think.
The past several months, each time I have received a priesthood blessing, there has been one phrase that has been said each time and it would confuse me every time. A few months ago, I received a new calling that would require a lot of organization, keeping others on track, and service. I felt overwhelmed as I began my new duties. I have struggled to feel that I am doing even the bare minimum to fill this calling, like I have not been serving those who need me right now. I was also, I admit, not getting in my visiting teaching each month. Many nights I would go to bed thinking of all the things I didn't do that people were counting on me for, including putting in my share of time on our WIP.
Recently I was given another blessing, and there it was again, this phrase, this commandment if you will. "Let others help you." I am just stubborn I guess, but I really felt that I didn't know who I was supposed to receive help from when I wasn't doing my part on so many levels. Then, this past month, our family has been in a situation in which we have needed help. It seemed that one financial requirement after another, from the computer breaking, the dog needing shots, the van needing breaks, husband needing gear for work, ect. And it all comes at a time when my husband is out of town for a month, except on weekends. It came to a point where we honestly did not know what we were going to do and we were getting really worried. Then, one thing at a time started to happen, little things came into our lives that have greatly eased our burden. We have been blessed by many people who have given and sacrificed in many ways simply so we can have what we need for our family. After one particular visit, during which we had to put aside our pride and accept the help we knew we badly needed, the thought came to me, "Let others help you." And I knew this was my answer.
We may not know why we go through our trials at the time, but if we have that faith, the Lord will provide our boat or helicopter. Just like Betsy said, we need to keep our eyes peeled and grab that rope. I know my experience has definitely taught me that my pride can get in the way of the Lord trying to bless my life. And it gets in the way of others being able to receive blessings as well. When others want to serve us, sometimes we think, "No, I don't need to be served, I need to serve." But everyone needs an opportunity to serve, and we each need to take our turn to be on the receiving end. The thought keeps coming to me that there may be some opportunity for me to serve in the future which I will only understand because I have been through these trials in my own life. I will be eternally grateful for all those who have thrown that rope to us.
Thank you Betsy for your thoughts and inspiration.


  1. Aw, shucks. Thank you so much for making my thoughts even more with your heartfelt post :)

  2. Accepting help from others is challenging. When people ask you how you are doing it is almost impossible to voice your troubles. Why burden someone else with the problems? I face that thought often. Even when I feel like I am drowning and my house is under so much clutter that I am venturing into an episode of hoarders, I still struggle to reach out for help. I really appreciate the message today and yesterday. It is good to be reminded that we are not alone. We never were intended to be.



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