Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sometimes Just a Mommy

I'm dashing in to write my post today between a million different activities today. My second daughter's 8th birthday is today, and while we are celebrating only as a family, there are still many things to do. My oldest also has her final choir concert today, so we have to run right after dinner and birthday cake to that. Not to mention that we were so out of food my 5 year old would open the fridge, look at its bareness, and say, "Mommy, are we ever going to eat again?" We're also knee deep in preparations for the "Hunger Games" themed birthday party we are throwing for my 15 year old next Monday(who will be 16 a week from today) AND for family to come for the 8 year old's baptism a week from Saturday. (Can you see my eye twitching? CAN YOU?????)

My point is that while I write to fulfill myself, which in turn helps my children because mommy isn't so cranky, there are some days when I have to say "Today I am just a Mommy. I am not Megan. I am not a writer. I am just Mommy. And I am okay with that."

I'll have time later to think just about my writing again, but "Today is NOT that day!" (Name that movie.)


  1. Boy, do I hear ya! My son's 8th birthday was last week and the only day that worked for everyone's schedule to do his baptism was on Sunday- Mother's Day. We had lots of family coming, but our church building is used until 4pm so we had to do the baptism at 5. I hated having all those moms there and then just sending them away at dinnertime to fend for themselves, so we made dinner for 80- yes, 80!- people. So I spent all last week cooking food to freeze and then tried to wrap my head around how I would have it all ready at the same time on Sunday. Oh, and I'm 7 months pregnant. Yeah, last week I was Mommy with a capital M! Hang in there, you'll get through it! :-)

  2. "To everything there is a season." A phrase I keep telling myself as I've had to be everthing but a writer this winter. Now with an upcoming and unexpected relocation writing is still on hold. We all have days, weeks, or even months when the demands of life require us to set aside something we desire. Thanks for writing this post and leting me know I'm not alone in at times being just MOM.



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