Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sinfully Neglected

Have you ever had a friend who you didn't call as often as you should?  Life got busy and you knew that the friend would understand. After a while you realize that you may have put off talking for so long that you have reached a point in which calling seemed impractical.  You begin to question the strength of your friendship.
 "Did you guys even know each other anymore?" 
 "Were you really friends?"  
 "Has time come between you?" 
I'm sad to say, I've had some friendships like this.  I miss those friends.  I think often, but doubt that I even really know them anymore.

In my writing career,  (if you can call it that) I've also had some WIPs that I feel much the same way about. These stories that were once so dear to me have been set aside and left for much too long.  
"Will I ever really return to complete the novel?"
 "Why did I even start this story?"
"Is this even my story to tell anymore?"

When we neglect something/someone, is it the same as saying we don't care?  How do we regain the things that we lose through our neglect?  I'm reminded of the Biblical parable of the talents.  I refuse to accept that hope is lost in some of these cases.  There must be a road to recovery.

If something/someone in your life has received your neglect for far too long, maybe today is the day you recommit to making a change.  


  1. Great post, and so true. The guilt and failure I feel from neglecting to finish something is far worse than any other tortures I can imagine. Death by off key showtunes, buried alive under my kids toys, eating my cooking....

  2. Writing is one of those things that, for me, falls by the wayside from time to time. It becomes victim of "good, better, best." writing is a "good" activity for me to engage in, sometimes it's even the "best" thing I can be doing. But, often, there is something more important. My family, my calling, my home all have priority over my writing. At least for now. My children are small and require a lot of time and attention for now, and someday my writing will become priority.

    But for now, it's get neglected sometimes. And that's OK.

  3. The thing I find with both neglected friends and manuscripts is that once you get over the guilt and call that friend anyways to say hi, it's like time never past. Really good friends and really good stories will always take you back and pick up right where u left off.



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