Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Seasoned Writer

The weather is warm, the flowers are fragrant, and the rabbits are nesting in my backyard. Which is better the rabbits than the poison ivy climbing the fence.  Every year as summer approaches, I feel as antsy as a dog when he sees you with his leash.  What is is about summer that even as an adult I get so excited about?  It has a Je ne sais quoi.   I just feel like grabbing a notebook and a pen and sitting out under the sun while I write. 

Do you have a favorite writing season?


  1. Hello Ladies,

    Congrats you have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award! Come see!


  2. I kind of associate writing with holing up somewhere and getting cozy, so I'd say I'm a fall/winter writer. I'm a spring reader- there's nothing like grabbing a good book and laying out on my comfy gazebo swing with the sunshine and a breeze...*sigh*



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