Sunday, October 14, 2012

Co-writing struggles

   I know we wrote on the topic of the difficulties of writing as a team when we first started writing for MMW, but lately we've been experiencing a great difficulty in matching up and aligning our schedules. It's got me thinking about how Satan will try and hinder us when we are doing something good, or doing something that will help us or others grow. I'm not saying that what we are writing is so splendid and important in the grand scheme of things, but sometimes I wonder if Satan really is behind some of our obstacles.

  Sometimes I feel like we're slashing through the thick tangle of thorny growth surrounding the tower containing Sleeping Beauty. There are times it seems like it would be so much easier to just give up.

   I think maybe we can all relate a little bit. We get a scratch and start to bleed, so we figure, I better turn around before I get hurt more, I don't want to get a scar. Or, we can push through, fighting each and every thorny branch as it comes our way. Because we remember that we have the mighty sword of truth, and the shield of virtue. And, yes, we will get scratched, and we will bleed. We might receive some pretty deep wounds. But we bandage them up and take care of them. Some of them will leave a scar, but we can’t worry about that, we shouldn't be ashamed by the scar. It becomes a part of who we are, a reminder to us of just how far we've come, and how many great obstacles we've overcome. We know that the castle is at the end of our fight, where Sleeping Beauty awaits her True Love's Kiss; or in other words, our Savior is waiting, with open arms to welcome us home.


  1. YES! Love it! To reiterate my favorite motivational advice- the obstacles are there to stop the OTHER people- the ones who don’t want it as much as you do. They’re there so that only the BEST make it through. :-)

  2. Hey! I just stumbled across this blog, and I'm excited to read it regularly!

    I was actually just thinking about this the other day (while I swam laps in the pool--always the best time to think), and I realized that Satan doesn't just try to keep me from doing right, he also keeps me from being happy. So even though my writing dreams may or may not be pertinent to the ushering in of Zion and preparing for the Second Coming (the biggest things I could think of), they are a big part of my personal happiness, and the adversary doesn't want me to be happy at all. All he has to do to keep me from that happiness is make me lazy or distracted (or make the kids' nap time dysfunctional!). And thinking of this made me realize that I can't let him win. I'm dedicated to succeeding.



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