Sunday, October 7, 2012

To-Do Lists

   The other day I was listening to the radio, to a Christian station called KLOVE. We like to listen to this station because it plays good uplifting music. In between songs, there was a little story a lady told about her daughter. The daughter had tweeted her to-do list and it had things on it like eating breakfast, brushing teeth, etc. But she also included things like, telling her sister she is a great sister, telling her Dad that she loves him. The question posed was this, "Are you more task oriented or more relationship oriented?" I thought about this as I drove. "Do I put as much work into the relationships in my life as I do into my to-do list?" I think that sometimes I do put a significant effort into building the relationships in my life, but other times I definitely get caught up in my tasks and chores. It has given me something to keep in mind as I go through my day.

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