Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hello, I'm Anna

I'm really excited to be joining this auspicious group of talented ladies. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone, nodding enthusiastically as I read your comments, and tearing my hair out every Wednesday as I stare forlornly at the dust trail left behind by my fleeing muse.

Maybe I should start by introducing myself and explaining why I fit the job description as a contributor to this blog.

First, I am a Mormon. I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as an adult convert (very long story, find it here). However, I don't quilt, can or scrapbook, and I'm too busy with my descendants to research my ancestors. I also have a serious (diet) coke habit. So I'm a bit of a rubbish Mormon to be honest, and yet despite that they still asked me to teach Seminary.

Second, I do have offspring. However, I'm not a "mommy", I'm a "mummy". I'll let you decide whether that's because I'm British, or because I'm really, really old, wrinkly and dessicated, and smell fusty.

And finally, I am indeed a writer. I have had five books published and I'd love it if you'd like to buy one. Or more. My latest title is No Escape, but also on the shelves at the moment you should be able to find Honeymoon Heist and if you dig around in the bargain bins you might be lucky enough to turn up a copy of Easterfield. I'm about to self-publish (for the first time) a challenging and controversial novel called The Saved Saint. Don't worry, you'll know when that's available. I'll be sure to make a big song and dance about it.

So now that I have established my MMW credentials, what else do you need to know? I have a very lovely husband and three beautiful daughters whose names are unpronounceable to English speakers. My eldest is in her second year of college and has just reached legal driving age, my middle one just started senior school and is in year 7, and my youngest just started Junior school and is in year 3. (Now you know how I feel when I ask Americans how old their children are and they reply "My son is in eighth grade". My girls are, in fact, 17, 11 and 7.)

I love science fiction, rock music, cross-stitch, and going to Florida. I don't do camping or any kind of "roughing it". I have a day job (because writing doesn't pay much) which I enjoy. Oh, and I love writing and reading books most of all.

So that's me. I hope to entertain and inspire you every Wednesday, but I can't promise much. My muse runs faster than I do.


  1. Anna, I am so glad to have you here. I love your humor. Can't wait to hear from you weekly.

  2. Nice to meet you! You could still be called Mummy if you had lived down under. I don't think you are rubbish at all. I think teaching seminary would be the hardest thing EVER!!!

  3. I think Primary President is the hardest thing ever (I've done that too). I might also be a "mummy" because I've had my brains pulled out through my nose. Primary kids'll do that to you. I'm loving Seminary, largely because I never did it so I'm learning so much. I get a little over-enthusiastic sometimes and the youth find that very funny.

  4. Can’t wait to read more from you, Anna! Nice to have someone from “across the pond” in our group. :-)

  5. I can't wait to follow your posts, Anna! Good luck with everything. :)

  6. Welcome Anna. I think it's awesome to have you and I want you to know that I read your posts with a British accent :)

  7. Thank you Betsy, and I shall add that I'm from Essex, so you want to add a tinge of an East London accent to that.



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