Monday, October 29, 2012

If a Mom Were In Charge of the Presidential Debates

Election season is upon us with a vengeance as we come into the home stretch, and I don’t know about you, but watching those debates really did a number on my sanity.

There were some good moderators, but I’ve decided this is what we really need:

If a Mom Were in Charge of the Presidential Debates

Mom: “Governor Romney, can you tell me more about your plan for the economy?”

Romney: “Well, let me tell you about what President Obama has done with the economy and why it’s not working-“

Mom: “No, Governor. I didn’t ask you about what President Obama has done, I asked you about your plan. Please answer the question.”

Romney: “But over the past four years-“

Mom: “No, we’re not talking about the past four years, we’re talking about the next four. Answer the question or I will put you in a time-out. Do you understand?”

Romney: “Yes, but-“

Mom: “No buts. You’re done. Time-out. Now.”

Mom: “President Obama, you better wipe that smirk off your face or you’re going to be sitting over there right next to him. Understand?”

Obama: “Yes ma’am.”

Mom: “Good. Now what do you have to say about the economy? Choose your words carefully, Mr. President.”

Obama: “First, let’s remember that I started my term with the economy in a tailspin- it was a mess because my predecessor-“

Mom: “Excuse me, but there is no need to start talking about your predecessor. We’re here to talk about you and what YOU’VE done with the economy, not your predecessor.”

Obama: “Well, I know, but-“

Mom: “Mr. President, you should know by now that I’m not a fan of ‘buts’. Now answer the question or time-out. Period.”

Obama: “Okay. The economy. Well, Governor Romney has said that his plan-“

Mom: “You’re done. Go to your room, and when you’re ready to talk to me about YOUR plan, then I’ll be happy to listen.”

Obama: “But-“

Mom: “Again with the buts? GO!”

“I am very disappointed in the two of you today. I want you both to think about how you can take responsibility for your own actions instead of spending all your time blaming other people. Let me know when you’re ready to do that.”

Harsh? Perhaps. But you’d better believe I’d get them to cut the crap and actually tell us something useful.

Just sayin’.

P.S. Yup, this is how I deal with my kids. I don’t let them get away with much. I’m a mean, mean mommy.



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