Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The McDonald's Diet

Imagine my excitement, having been invited to contribute to this blog, to discover that the post just a couple of days before my first effort had almost 3,000 views and 64 comments! Wow, I thought, this is a really popular blog! On my personal blog I think I'm doing well if I get 64 views and 2 comments.

Of course it transpires that it was just Kasey's controversial subject matter that led to the unusually high interest. So naturally that gets me wondering about what I can say that will be controversial enough to generate lots of interest from infuriated people who wildly disagree with me.

So here's my dramatic and controversial statement - McDonald's food is great! I love it! Not only that, but it's not bad for you at all, and you could actually lose weight eating it.

My most popular post to date on my personal blog is this one asking people to stop jumping on the bandwagon of criticising McDonald's. I ended it with the statement that I'd like to repeat Morgan Spurlock's documentary experiment (from the film Supersize Me) only this time I could show that I was healthier at the end of the month of eating nothing but McDonald's than I was at the beginning.

Sadly McDonald's didn't rush up to me with a camera crew and offer to sponsor the whole thing, so I haven't actually taken that challenge yet. But I have worked out how to do it - for four days, at least. First, though, a couple of rule changes. Unlike Spurlock, I wouldn't be required to eat everything on the menu at least once. Neither would I have to agree to larger portions if they were suggested. Also when I posted my original blog I didn't have a car. Although I now do, I would still be required to walk to and from my nearest McDonald's three times a day for my meals. tells me that would burn approximately 300 extra calories a day. A couple of other things to remember: this is based on the UK menu so US portions and availability may be different, and I am aware that McDonald's probably isn't the best burger chain, but in the UK we don't have Wendy's or Arby's so my choice is limited.

Drinks should be diet coke or water only, or (if you're not a Mormon) coffee or tea (as long as it's not cappucino or latte).

Day 1
Breakfast - Oatsosimple porridge (195 cals) plus orange juice (118 cals)
Lunch -  Spicy veggie sandwich (520 cals) and a fruit bag (25 cals)
Dinner - Quarterpounder with cheese (490 cals) with a garden salad (10 cals) and an apple pie (250 cals).

Day 2
Breakfast - Bacon roll (335 cals) plus orange juice (118 cals)
Lunch - Chicken snack wrap (350 cals), carrot sticks (29 cals) and a doughnut (210 cals)
Dinner - Filet-o-fish (335 cals), medium fries (330 cals) and a fruit bag (25 cals)

Day 3
Breakfast - Bacon egg and cheese bagel (455 cals) plus orange juice (118 cals)
Lunch - Crispy chicken and bacon salad (325 cals) plus a dairy milk McFlurry (340 cals)
Dinner - Big Mac (490 cals), carrot sticks (29 cals) and a fruit bag (25 cals)

Day 4
Breakfast - Toasted bagel (210 cals) plus orange juice (118 cals)
Lunch - Fish finger happy meal (425 cals), garden salad (10 cals) and a blueberry muffin (300 cals)
Dinner - McChicken sandwich (385 cals), carrot sticks (29 cals) and a doughnut (210 cals)

Anyone up for the challenge?


  1. Are you serious?!?!?! Your McDonalds has faaar better food options than ours!! Spicy veggie sandwich? Carrot sticks? Donuts? Fruit bag?
    I say we revolt and get that kind of food!!!

  2. Our apple pies are much nicer than the American ones too - deep fried and very bubbly and crispy. Probably unhealthier, of course... But we don't have any Mexican stuff at all. No burritos of any kind.

  3. Mmm...tempting to try, but if I walked, my entire day would be spent walking to and from McDonald’s for meals! ;-) Fun idea, though.

    Wonder if we can somehow get this posted to an anti-McDonald’s message forum. That should stir the pot. LOL!

    1. I don't LOL lightly, but LOL! May try that now to see if I can beat your record!

  4. I like the way you think. Too many people don't realize that it's not about where you eat, it's about the choices you make when you get there. Taking care of our bodies isn't about strict diets that lead us to bingeing. It's about being aware of what we are eating. Though I don't think I could really eat McDonald's that many days in a row. But it's nice to know that if I ever have to I don't need to feel guilty about it, just make good choices!

  5. Seriosly, this is the most ridiculous thing I have seen. Yes, you may technically lose weight by eating fewer calories even though it is McDonalds food but the food you suggest eating is highly processed and lacking nutrients. The foods you are suggesting are all high in sugar and fat and none are unprocessed. Even the apple slices have been preserved to look like 'perfect little slices', just think, if you cut into an apple and leave it out it goes brown no? so you can't deny that even the most 'healthiest' thing at McDonalds has preservatives slobbered over it. Furthermore, the processed oils and high fat meat patties are horrible for your health; processed saturated, refined fats are terrible and will not promote weight loss. The food has no dietry fribre at all!!! The high sugar white processed burger buns, ice creams, apple pies etc will just make your insulin peak and drop leaving you hungry soon after. If you want to make 'good choices' with your eating then i would certainly never eat from McDonalds restaurants, not even sparingly. You don't know what you are eating at McDonalds, you don't know what is in the food, how it was prepared, how long it has been preserved for and therefore it should not be fit for consumption.



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