Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Confessions of a Procrastinating Scatterbrain

Focus has never been a talent of mine.  I am easily distracted, which partly explains why I spend entirely too much time on Pinterest and Facebook instead of writing.  It took me 18 month to finish painting my dining room.  I get half a load of laundry folded when I all of the sudden remember that I should have put a check in the mail.  I rush to complete that only to see the spider webs outside our front door that need removed.  I go to get the broom, but see the chandelier I was spray painting is ready for another coat, and I should really do that so it can have time to dry.

By the time, my husband gets home, I have half accomplished, or intended to do a million things.  Yet nothing gets completed.  Needless to say, I have a problem.  This scatterbrained unfocused problem bleeds over into my writing.  I have recently rediscovered, that my biggest problem is a lack of structure.  My lack of goals leave too many options of things to be done.  Unfortunately, this often leads to nothing getting done.

To aid me in my housework, I have some friends, who are helping establish routines.  I need the accountability. 

In an attempt to improve my writing, I have committed to no longer approach my writing with the same reckless abandon I have used that has my house and brain in complete disarray.  I can not be a panster.  I am going to gain focus through outlining the scenes to get me through the story.  I have read some great posts I will link to from a couple of authors and their opinions about structure bringing fun back to the writing process.

If anyone else there is struggling with the side effects of being a procrastinating scatterbrain and is ready to get out of their mess of half completed chores just leave a comment.  You have found yourself a support system.

Two great Posts

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  2. Yes, Melanie’s post on this was FANTASTIC! I read it yesterday. By the way, how are those routines coming? Mine are...well, they’re there...and I am doing them...kind of...when I can...yeah. I need to work on it some more. :-)

    1. Mine need a lot of work as well. I am trying to make each day better than the previous day.



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