Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Good Sunday

    Today was our Stake Conference.  I loved it.  I love Conference in general.  I actually really like church too.  If you were to rewind about 20 years and go back to a much younger me I'm sure that statement would utterly shock her.  But, truly, I have gotten to a point in my life where I look forward to going to church, and I especially look forward to Conferences. 
  This morning was not crazy or difficult.  My family and I managed to get to our church and find a parking spot without any trouble.  We were able to find a row towards the back (unfortunately on the hard chairs) and we sat for about 15 minutes before hand and my children were very well behaved.  A Sunday Miracle, I assure you.  I feel like this was one of those tender mercies of the Lord because as we sat waiting for the meeting to start I was able to focus on why I was there and prepare myself to listen to the speakers. 
  The presiding General Authority was Elder Baxter of the Seventy.  He was delightful to listen to.  He was witty and engaging, and I'll admit that his accent was also quite enjoyable, but he was also very spiritual and I think every person in our church building could feel the love he had for us. He spoke of many things, but there were a few that really stuck out to me.  I felt an overwhelming sense of hope and faith as I listened to Elder Baxter speak of all of us, as a world wide church, and our need to work together, to be missionaries, and to be united in mind and spirit.  He asked us "What is the answer to the calamities of the world?"  His answer: Jesus Christ.  He spoke on how important it is that we bring others to Christ so that they may partake of His salvation. 
   We have an important duty.  I truly believe in the cause and mission of this blog, to change the world one book at a time.  I believe that no matter who we are, no matter what station we hold in life, no matter how big or small we may feel, we have a duty and a mission to fulfill.  I would like to thank Anna for her post last Wednesday.  What a great way to be a missionary.  What a great way to be an example.   I took her idea to heart and as I sat in church today, and hopefully in the future as well, I listened to each speaker more intently and took note of the things that struck me as something I was in need of.  After today's meeting I feel so much hope.  I really believe that we can all touch others' lives and help them to feel the love of our Heavenly Father. 

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  1. I too love conferences. It sounds like yours was inspirational. It's been just the past couple years that I've lost most of my anxiety over sharing the gospel. Now I wish I could share it with everyone. I'm amazed at how fortunate we are to have the restored gospel. I agree this is the best way to change the world. One person at a time. Thanks for sharing your conference with us.

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