Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Talking Tuesday: That Loving Feeling

To a writer, ideas come often and the newest ones tend to sparkle a lot brighter than the ones we have been carrying around for longer.  I have talked with and read advice from many writers/authors.  While with writing it is necessary to focus especially when there are deadlines for projects, there are valid reasons for writing what you are enthusiastic about while you are experiencing the enthusiasm. 

If you have lost that loving feeling for your current WIP, it might be time for a break.  I am not saying to trash it. Sometimes a short recess is all that is needed to rekindle the spark that once had you working so diligently.  When you lack the desire to write what is necessary, you are not going to be writing material that readers will be excited to read. 

Do you have a process for rekindling that loving feeling when you and your WIP just aren't feeling each other?


  1. I agree with your take-a-break idea. When my WIP was my master's thesis and I had taken a particularly hard hit from a reviewer, I gave myself a little time off. I did other work I needed to do, read for fun, took naps, licked my wounds, but I did not work on my thesis for a week and a half. I came back refreshed and able to tackle major revisions.

  2. Good idea! I have found that having two or even three projects on the go works for me. If I get stuck in a rut with one I switch to another.



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