Friday, January 25, 2013

Four Years to Celebrate!

This month marks MMW's four year anniversary. I like taking a stroll down memory lane and remembering all the wonderful bloggers and guest bloggers that have been featured on our blog over the years. Let's take a moment and revisit our most popular blog posts over the years:

Coming in at #1 is a post by one of our original bloggers, Candice: Squidward Can't Make Crabby Patties
There must be a lot of Spongebob fans out there. Not sure how they all felt being directed to MMW but I hope they felt welcome!

Coming in at #2 is our most controversial post ever on our blog and it was posted this year by Kasey: In Case You Thought Mormons Were Sexist
This post was never supposed to be derogatory in nature. Instead it was meant to show that we who blog here, as women in the Mormon church, we feel loved and cherished.  We hope many of our readers feel the same way.

Our #3 most popular post of all time is a guest post by my wonderful sister, Tiffany: Writing Family Histories--Guest Post
My sister thinks she isn't a writer, yet this post written almost 4 years ago is still hit on almost daily!! What a great accomplishment!

The 4th most popular post was written by yours truly (Nikki) about my daughter: A Little Demented, Or a Writer?
The follow up for this post is that my daughter is now 13 and she IS a writer! She writes the most beautiful stories, even if they are sometimes a bit strange. That's why I like them so much, you never know what is going to happen next!

And coming in at #5 is another guest post by a friend of mine, Valerie Ipson: The Baby's Alive--Guest Post
I loved rereading this post. It reminded me that I too am neglecting my creative side and it needs attention...FAST!!

Those are the 5 most popular posts on MMW over the past four years based on the total number of pageviews it recieved. But what do you think?  Which of these is your all time favorite post?  Is it one that's not on this list? Copy and paste the link into the comments so we can remember more great MMW moments.

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