Thursday, March 28, 2013

Double Oops!

Anna, looks like you're in good company.  With it being spring break, kids and hubby off school, my days of the week have been slightly scrambled.  Apparently it's Thursday today (instead of tomorrow, as I spent a majority of the day believing).

So I'll leave you with an interesting thought on writing, that I found reading the following article.  This is what the author, Daphne Gray-Grant had to say about the concept that "...writing is talking on paper."

Imagine sitting in a coffee shop and chatting with a good friend. Do you stumble for words? Do you struggle to express yourself? Of course not! Now picture yourself standing in front of a room of 500 people without any notes. Can you talk easily now? Probably not—even if your subject is something with which you're very familiar. What's the difference? It's perception.
With a friend, you are relaxed. In front of an audience, you're worried about being judged.
And that's the problem when we write. We imagine people judging us. We worry about making mistakes. About being boring. About not succeeding.

I'll see you next week.  Hopefully, with my days all straightened out...

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