Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Funny Mistakes

Snapped in my gym recently.
Visions of everyone getting naked to avoid becoming overheated!

Those of us with a fair-to-middling grasp of grammar, vocabulary and sentence construction are occasionally blessed to come across little mistakes in the writing of others which lead to a wry chuckle. Here are a few I found recently.

“In order to make this change as inconvenient as possible we have included with this letter a map detailing the new venue.”  (NHS Blood Donation Service letter)

"These naïve bookends will look delightful in any room in the house." (Christmas catalogue)

"...recently had surgery leaving my hands and arms in a weekend state." (Freecycle)

"...vowel of celibacy." (Facebook discussion about the Pope)

"this is one of the deceases I have, unfortunately" (Facebook)

"Online criminals have Mac owners in their sights and must not be complacent." (Computeractive magazine)


  1. Oh my word, too funny! Here in FL, I once saw a produce sign that read "Two for .98 cents each." HUH?



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