Monday, March 4, 2013

How Did That Happen?!

I missed a week. Oops.

Yes, for over a year I have faithfully delivered my Monday morning blog post to MMW, even throughout my pregnancy and delivery of my Teeny, and yet last week I dropped the ball.

What happened?

Well, it was a couple of things, actually. First, I had several posts scheduled for a few weeks- that’s when you write them ahead of time and set a date and time for them to be posted- and I thought I had one set for last week so I didn’t think about it. Well, clearly I didn’t.

Also, a week and a half ago a friend of a friend asked me for help on a project for his company. He runs his own copy writing business and he had a huge project that he wasn’t sure he could complete. The project had to do with couponing, and he knew that I write and I do couponing, so he asked for my help. Since things have been a little bit slow lately with my husband’s work and we needed some extra money, I agreed. Especially since the amount he was talking about was enough to pay our mortgage. Twice.


So anyway, the project has turned out to be MUCH bigger than I expected, and I am basically working on it every spare moment of every day. Even every moment that’s not spare- I’m forcing moments into the day. By the time I’m done I will have made NaNoWriMo look like a cakewalk. It’ll be about 50,000 words in 2 weeks. 50,000 words requiring serious research.

Yesterday on facebook I wrote:

It’s happened. I’ve crossed some kind of a threshold into an alternate copy writing dimension in which I’m writing things like this (about how to save money with your fireplace): "If you don’t want to see your savings go up in smoke, fire up a few of these hot tips:"


Oh. dear. It’s the beginning of the end. Somebody save me from myself.

I have already spent too much time on this post as it is. I will hopefully be back next week with a decent post.


Pray for me!



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