Friday, March 22, 2013

THE BIBLE Miniseries

Has anybody been watching The Bible series the past few weeks?

I got into it a bit late, but I kept hearing about it, so I finally tuned in.  I was immediately drawn in by the intensity of it.   It's brutal and powerful....and sad.  There are moments of beauty and uplift, but mostly, for me, the stories are agonizing.

Daniel in the lion's den, Herod's order to kill babies under two, John the Baptist beheaded, various crucifixions, wars, and invasions.  I keep shaking my head at the brutality of the human race.   Greed and lust and power drive everything.

It's crossed my mind several times, I'm so glad we don't throw people to the lions anymore, or thank God the days of crucifixion are over.   But, I remember that at one point in this country, slavery was accepted.  I watch the news and see horrific stories of school shootings and children sold into sex trafficking.  All I can think is, how God must grieve.  Methods of torture, abuse, and killing change over the centuries, but we're just as capable today of hatred and evil as we were in biblical times.

It would seem over the decades, we would learn how to get along.   Why don't we learn from one civilization/generation to the next?  We've certainly seen enough of the same atrocities repeated.  Our memory is clearly shallow.   And scripture tell us, the human heart is easily corrupted.

We are really fairly weak creatures, easily seduced by greed, lust, and power.   We also tend to live in the moment, which further fuels our fleshly tendencies.  On the face of it, it seems we're doomed.

Thank God for God.  In The Bible, He pursues His people and repeatedly proves He is trustworthy.

God still does that today.  His work hasn't changed since the beginning of time.  Poet Francis Thompson calls Him "the Hound of Heaven," because God's grace is relentless in trying to transform our hearts.  He pursues us always.

It is so reassuring to know this.  Otherwise, watching The Bible - and living - would be unbearable. 

p.s.  Are you watching The Bible?  What is your take on it?


  1. I don't get this channel but I am hoping as with other "series" it will be on Netflix after this first season. I don't look forward to the "brutal" but the "powerful" is compelling.

  2. Kenya, I was just told the series is also running on the Lifetime channel. check your tv guide for days and times.



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