Wednesday, November 13, 2013

30 day service binge

by Charla Schneider
Last month my husband’s parents, siblings and in-laws all got on the phone for a ‘book club’ conference call.  Since we are all busy people and don’t seem to have time for an extra book in our lives we’ve decided that short articles are sufficient conversation fodder.  We discussed an article entitled “Be Anxiously Engaged” which is a great article about how important it is for each of us to reach out to others.  The author weaved in a metaphor and described the seemingly heroic and selfless efforts of bees.  They’re busy, hardworking and dedicate their lives to the hive.  Bees get a lot done and they make a miracle food that nourishes and heals.  So we all committed at the end of the phone call to pray for inspiration each morning to see opportunities to reach out, help, connect with the people in our lives.  Binging has never been so satisfying.  I haven’t moved mountains, I haven’t fed Calcutta, I haven’t found the cure for cancer – I’ve just been a little bee who I think has found the right flowers to pollinate.  Sometimes the problems of the world seem overwhelming and we perhaps are tempted to think less of our little drops in the ocean but this little experiment has made me feel happier and more connected to the people in my life.  I must say that with the limited time I have, I treasure the opportunity to engage the universal powers of heaven and allow them to direct me and enlighten me on how best my limited time and energy can be spent.   I highly recommend indulging in this kind of binge.  It’s even better than chocolate – I promise.

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