Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Moving Ahead

Post by Amber Lynae

Before my son came along, (when it was just the little princess),the toys in our house were living the fantasy full of love tales.  But with a little boy around toys don't get treated as gently.  Sometimes I wonder if they are scattered into every corner of our house because he put them there or they have attempted to go into hiding.

I would not say that he goes about trying to destroy his toys, but toys just don't seem to last very long the way he plays.  There is not concept of holding back for him.  He is full steam ahead, which sometimes leads to his toys getting injured.

I do not think Dusty last a day before he bent his propeller.  And it was less than a week before the flag on his hanger bay was missing. 

I have noticed something about this though.  Little Man doesn't let it stop him from enjoying his toys.  He doesn't focus on the flaws the way I do.  It is far to easy for me to get caught up in the imperfections in myself, in my writing, or anything else. 

The biggest challenge I face in my writing is turning off the internal editor and pushing ahead.  We must allow ourselves to leave the mistakes for a future revision.  We must also learn to enjoy the process in all the stages.

So if you find yourself yet again stuck in the mud of revising the begin without ever making it to the end, maybe you too need to learn to turn off the editor when it is the writer's turn to play.  Good Luck.

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