Friday, November 29, 2013

Green Friday

by Mare Ball

In the world of retail, today is Black Friday.   My husband, who is a manager for Home Depot, went to work at 3 a.m.  My son, who works for Gucci, headed to work at midnight last night.  Me, not in retail, I snuggled in my bed until eight this morning.  I felt absolutely gluttonous.

I'm not a Black Friday girl.  Shopping is burdensome enough to me, let alone shopping with everyone else on the planet.   I did some baking today and pulled out some Christmas crafts.  I worked on THE BOOK, and I made this.

It's a fire-proof advent wreath. 

Advent starts Sunday and marks the four Sundays approaching Christmas.  It's a time of preparation.  Not for Santa, but for the Christ child.  Every Sunday, a candle is lit.  The candle can burn throughout a meal, or during a time of devotional prayer; then, it's distinguished.  On the second Sunday, the first candle is re-lit, and a second candle is lit.  This little ceremony is repeated every week, eventually lighting all four candles.

We always had an advent wreath when I was growing up.  Now that my parents are in assisted living, they can no longer have a wreath because they can't have fire in their suite.  This makes sense, of course, but they miss this tradition.

So, I made a cardboard/construction paper wreath they can hang on their door.  It has Velcro "fire" stars they can apply to the appropriate candle/s when needed.  It warmed my heart to be able to create something that enables them to still celebrate advent in a tangible and familiar way.

As I cut and pasted green leaves, I enjoyed the peace of my own home.  I was grateful we'd had a nice Thanksgiving, and I was looking forward to Christmas.  I was happy I was not circling the mall parking lot looking for a parking space, or standing in a winding line waiting to check out.

When the wreath was done, I savored a cup of green tea and ate some homemade biscotti.  Then, I took a nap.   So far, it's been a lovely day.

What color is your 'black' Friday?

(If you'd like to see how I made this wreath, click HERE.)


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  1. What a sweet, sweet thing to do for your parents. :-) My Black Friday is going to be the color of a Thanksgiving feast today because I had to stay at home with my sick son yesterday while the rest of the family celebrated together. He had a stomach bug (which had hit every other family member earlier this week and last week) so I promised him we’d do our own Thanksgiving when he felt better. :-)



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