Thursday, March 11, 2010

Announcing Our NEW MMW Yahoo Group!!!

After many requests and lots of prayers, we decided to start a group on Yahoo. This means that we can interact with all our readers. We can shout out our accomplishments, give people a lift when their down, and even arrange for critiques with those that are willing! Here's a good way to network with other writers. It's also a wonderful way to make new friendships!

Be sure to join!! You may want to sign up for the digest version so you don't get tons of emails all the time. Or you can do individual emails if you want to feel like you have a TON of friends! LOL!

Also, I've updated some links on our resource page that is titled "Where MMW's Hang". We would like for this page to be a one stop location for getting information related to writing. If you have any favorite links please put them in the comments and tell me what category they would be under.

Thanks for coming to our blog, I can't wait to meet you all on our new yahoo group - mormonmommywriters!!!


  1. Awesome! How exciting! Can't wait to get to know everyone a little better!

  2. Wahoo! I've already joined! This is going to be awesome!




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