Monday, March 15, 2010

Useful Food Storage Tips

For the past few months I have been using and experimenting with my food storage and felt a strong need to share with you what I have learned. By adding just a few items that can be rotated (because they are used or can be used often in your normal everyday diet), your food storage will be more edible when you actually have to use it.

#1 Powdered milk is really nasty by itself and really REALLY changes the flavor of your recipes when you use it. So if you are making bread/cakes/etc that requires powdered milk I would substitute instant pudding mix. Also, evaporated milk does not work if you are trying to make instant pudding. It tastes bad and does not set (even when I opened the can and put it in another container and then chilled it in the fridge).

#2 If you want milk and have powdered milk then make sure you have plenty of hot coco mix (cocoa powder with sugar can work too) on hand to mix it with to make it more potable.

#3 Molasses for making brown sugar! For every 1 cup of granulated sugar add 1-2(for light -dark brown sugar) table spoons.

#4 Gum is easily consumed and rotatable. This adds variety and something sweet for the pallet.

#5 Canned tomatoes are used in a lot of recipes from soups-casseroles-chili-sauces. Make sure you have a lot of cans and rotate them.

#6 Canned fruit tastes good and kids will eat it. Mine like canned pineapples,peaches and pears the best.

#7 Marinades are great to have on hand for instant flavoring to meats.

#8 Favorite powdered juice mix because your stored water will be stagnant and even with bleach to kill the germs it's going to taste really bad! The soldiers in Afghanistan wanted juice mixes sent with their care packages because their water tasted really bad.

#9 Plenty of: Oatmeal, granulated sugar, flour and yeast (if you actually use it often, otherwise it's just going to go bad and you won't know how to use it what I am trying to say is start making bread or rolls once a week or once a month to know how to use it and rotate it.)

Here is a great site I found while trying to look for food storage pictures .
I know it's a totally random post but I felt inspired to share a few things that I have learned about using my food storage. I hope this helps you think about your food storage and preparedness.


  1. Is that really your food storage, Mary!! That's amazing! Thanks for posting about these tips. I always need a little kick in the pants to get going on my food storage again!

  2. Great ideas for food storage. I'm always looking for tips to help me. :)

  3. This is good information. I am in the process of building a food storage since we moved and we finally own a house.

  4. I should start stocking "Country Time Lemonade" powder. Thanks for the tip!



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