Friday, March 19, 2010

Wholesome Nourishment

 "Does it ever seem impossible to find a source of entertainment that is both interesting and in line with your standards? Today TV networks, movie producers, and even book authors continue to push the edge of appropriateness to create more shocking material. Never before in history have violence, bad language, and pornography been so pervasive in our media. So what do we do? Do we avoid all forms of media and entertainment altogether?" - Christa Skousen 

We are like the grapes in vineyard, we take on the qualities of our nourishment.   However, unlike the grapes we have a choice of what we put into our minds.  However, it can be hard to find those beautiful morsels that are both interesting and wholesome.  

This fall I was running low on reading material (don't ask me how that happened now I have a never ending reading shelf)  so I bought two books out the YA section.  The first book I read was Boy Crazy and the second was Dreamland.  Both of them greatly disappointed me.  They were filled with bad language, fortification, violence and drug use.  One of them was by a best selling author.   This is what the world is putting out there for our youth.

Needless to say, I no longer by books without first reading some reviews unless they are by authors I trust.  Since this experience I have read many great books that have met both standards of interesting and wholesome.  

The world is not keeping up with the standards that we want our children to maintain.  This is why I know that there is a call of good writers.  Those who have the desire, talent, and faith are being called to provide books.  It is a good cause worthy of being anxiously engaged in.  The more you rely on the Lord to guide you through this journey the better he will be able to use your talents to shape the world around you.

"The more you trust and rely upon the Spirit, the greater your capacity to create. That is your opportunity in this life and your destiny in the life to come. Sisters, trust and rely on the Spirit. As you take the normal opportunities of your daily life and create something of beauty and helpfulness, you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Got any good books for me to add to my reading shelf?   
How soon until I see yours there?

Amber Lynae

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  1. This is so true. Another thing we need to remember is that literature often decides the future of our social morals. Think of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" "Common Sense" and many other books that sparked change in society. This is our chance to spark the change that is so badly pressure!

  2. Thanks for reminding me why I do this, Amber. And if anyone needs something to read, all the books on my book review blog pass my stringent standards test. Hop on over to!

  3. This was a great reminder of why the world needs writers who'll go against the grain. I love being able to hand over a book to my kids without hesitation. It drives me crazy when perfectly good books or movies (or whatever) are spoiled by that *one* scene or profanity!



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