Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Very First Story

I wrote my first science fiction story in third grade.

It was about me.

I built a space ship and flew to another planet. There I found aliens with rainbow-colored antlers who were oppressed by this huge yellow monster with black spots and floppy ears. The monster forced the poor aliens to bring it all the gold they could find. Then the monster would gobble up the gold and send the aliens out for more.

So resourceful little me found a very large pin and poked the monster in the stomach. Pop! That was the end of the monster. All the gold spilled out. The grateful aliens gave me some of the gold, then used the rest to pave the surface of the planet. I could see it glimmering behind me as I flew my ship back home.

I wrote a few other stories in elementary school, one about two kids who help an escaped tiger get back to Africa, one about a hasty unicorn who is rude to all his neighbors until he accidentally gets his horn stuck in a tree, and then one about these evil black dust-devils that suck out your life energy if they catch you. Come to think of it, that dust-devil story must have been in middle school.

Can you remember your first story ever? Let’s hear about it. Post a synopsis in the comments.


  1. Hahaha! Rebecca, mine was so similar to yours. It was about a kid visiting the statue of Liberty, when aliens suddenly shrink it down and bring it into their space ship. They need the copper. The kid talks them into leaving the statue of liberty and negotiates a trade in where our world pays pennies for their garbage...GOLD! LOL!

  2. That's great, Nikki! I love it! We should make a couple of picture books out of these stories.

  3. LOl! No. I can't. I'm sure I wrote some--probably always about Princesses and Princes and gorgeous dresses (since I loved to draw ballgowns). Lol! But I remember more of the poems I wrote, than the stories.


  4. Mine was about a little world made up of pea people. One pea was kidnapped and others had to save it. I remember I even dedicated the book to my little brother because he likes peas.

    I just pulled that out a few weeks ago and had a good laugh. It's amazing what a child's mind can create.


  5. I'd like to hear one of your poems, Jenni. Do you still have them?

    And I love your pea story, Lisa. So cute! Did you do illustrations too?

  6. Mine was about twin sisters, but I don't remember the plot line. I think I still have it packed away some where. I mostly wrote poems too. I wrote a lot of poetry. In fact, I only wrote stories in my high school English class and when I was in a creative writing class in college. Then I tried novels after several years of marriage.

  7. Rebecca: Of course there were illustrations, this was, after all, for my first grade "Young Author's" story. I did it on green paper and had the peas living in pea pods. Quite creative--if I do say so myself.

  8. Wow, Kristy, it sounds like we should have an MMW poetry festival!

    And Lisa, I can just hear your peas talking in their squeaky little voices. I'll say it for you - quite creative!

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  10. Rebecca, wasn't that planet the original Cecilon? How it's changed...

    I think my first story was called "Mouse of Honor." I can't even remember what the story was really about, I just thought the title was clever (how often do you think that happens?) It was about a mouse that was a bride's maid.

  11. Rachel! My sister! So good to see you here! Yes, the name of the gold-eater's planet was Cecilon, a name I used again later. Wink.

    You remember my first story, but I don't remember yours. Did I ever get to see it? You must show it to me when I come out to NJ to visit.

  12. My first story was about unicorns, pegasus, and war. ;)

  13. Rebecca, I don't have a written copy of it. I only vaguely remember the illustrations, and that I had it on little half-size sheets of paper folded and stapled like a make-shift picture-book dummy. Maybe mom has it...but going by my experience with my own daughter making book after book like that, with no room to store it all, I doubt it's survived. Sigh.

  14. Oh, that is a cool story!

    My first one was about a unicorn. I had a necklace with a unicorn charm in real life, and I wrote a story about how the unicorn magically came to life and we had adventures together, eventually ending with me leaving the unicorn behind in magic unicorn land.

    I was somewhat obsessed with unicorns.

  15. I really like that, Beth! I'm seeing chapter books... that come with little unicorn charms... totally marketable, girl!



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